A note from Bree

Oh hey, I’m glad you’re here. I often wish I could sit across from you and get to know you in person. I dream (of course) in fantasy, pretending we’re the best of friends and our conversation so interesting that others can’t help but eavesdrop. I’d have a small flat white and you’d have a (fill in the blank). You’d tell me what you’re working on, I’d share a random thought or two. Sigh, it would be fun, wouldn’t it?

I admire many of you more than you know. I enjoy reading your work or viewing your photos or seeing what things you have discovered. You are, quite frankly, remarkable. You inspire me. I know, this is a bit gushy, but I think it’s important to say every now and then; let you know what’s really going on in this head of mine. This leads me to the reason for this little note…

I’ve been physically unwell for a few weeks (nothing serious), so I’ll be taking a break from publishing on WP for a little while. I’m listening to my body and taking a rest. I’ll view your work whenever I can and hopefully be back to full health soon. In the meanwhile, I’ll make an imaginary drink order for you and write a list of all the things I’d tell you if you were sitting opposite me right now. First up, I’m currently struggling with a poem called Axis. I might have to bin it, it’s not working.

~ Secrets / Bree 💜

38 thoughts on “A note from Bree

  1. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Dear Bree!! Lots of water Vit C/orange juice and D3 too. Sorry to hear that you are/have been ill!!! 😢😢 I’m with Tom – don’t bin Axis! One of the things that work best for me is start with a clean slate and do this – Tell Me A Story!!! Let your mind’s eye become a movie camera and record what you see in close up detail and feelings – hook me into the story, message, situation. Something that I find puts me in a creative mood is to listen to White Noise of a Babbling Brook and close my eyes in a quiet place. Try this or maybe do a storyboard of your people, place, time, emotions

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    1. Thanks for your well wishes Chuck! Hopefully I’ll feel better when I wake up, although I’ve been saying that for three weeks now 🙄
      Ah, I loved your suggestions. You are a fantastic story teller Chuck using every colour and sense. I, on the other hand, tell emotions and I’m still learning from people like yourself and Tom how to paint a better story. I won’t bin Axis, but I might shelve it for a while 😁

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      1. Oh, Bree! I’m so sorry to hear that you are 3 weeks into this not feeling well! Will keep you in my thought and prayers. Oh my, way too high praise for me, Dearest! You are such a Sweetie! You are so fantastic and skilled at sharing emotions so exquisitely and powerfully!! I read your work and my first thought is – I wish I wrote that well!

        One of the tons of reason I love collaborating with you so much!! Get well soon, Sweets!

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