Sweet Poison (with audio)

Image found here on Pinterest

I gave you all my love 
you gave me all your lies –  
sweet poison on your lips

I miss you pretending that you cared 
make-believing that you loved me –  
sweet poison in my ears

I see you with her now 
loving from your whole being –  
sweet poison to my heart

I envy the way you are together 
the bitter sin fills me up –   
sweet poison overflows my cup

A while back a poet ran a competition asking people to write about the seven deadly sins. I thought on the idea for a while (like a long while), but I’m finally publishing this one. I focused on the idea of envy or jealousy, which I feel is a poison to the soul.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Poison (with audio)

  1. I have thoughts of teenage years, how a love was lost then envy and jealousy flittered as lights, until I looked and saw another smile at me. Life changing moments. How ofgten they seemed to occur. Or is it just my imagination of a fading memory?

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