Calm Her Fears (with audio collab)

I’m delighted to repost this poem from May 2020 with the addition of a spoken word collaboration with Kizito. Make sure you check out his page, he writes brilliantly.

Image found here

Her Questions:

Darling will you still love me
when I start to become old
when my hair is streaked with grey
and the wrinkles take a hold?

Darling will you still kiss me
when our love has known an age
as we move through time together
and we reach another stage?

Darling will you still desire me
after the excitement is long gone
and everything is familiar
and our feelings become drawn?

Darling will you still be here
after decades roll in time
if we look into the future
will you still be mine?

His Answers:

Yes my Love, I’ll love you
even if your hands turn cold
I will never leave you
as your body changes old

Yes my Love, I’ll still kiss you
when our youth has faded away
for nothing could tear me from you
by your side I’ll always stay

Yes my Love, I’ll still desire you
for when all is said and done
no-one else is in my soul
in my heart you’re the only one

Yes my love, I’ll still be here
as we journey through this life
through highs and lows and in-betweens
because you are my wife

I love you more than shape
and more than what I see
it is the fire within your heart
that will always rapture me

Thank you Kizito, not only for being a great poetry friend, but also for adding your wonderful voice to this piece.

Originally published 20 May 2020

31 thoughts on “Calm Her Fears (with audio collab)

  1. All of it, so very beautiful…. but the last four lines, wow. The perfect ending.

    “I love you more than shape / And more than what I see / It is the fire within your heart / That will always rapture me.”

    Swoon! :)) πŸ’›

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I know what you mean… I used to call my poetry on this (LiaThePoet) site “simple rhymes.” But simple rhymes were what cracked my heart. I love this poem of yours.


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