Soundtrack (with audio)

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Music bed credit: David Renda

I think of you from time-to-time 
play our record 
listen to the opus we wrote

Hearing old songs 
memories from a life-time ago 
fills me with sighs

We had exquisite moments 
scripted some breathtaking lines 
even now they make me smile

We were a beautiful melody 
a symphony of intricate emotions 
until we ended in tragedy

I don’t write songs like ours anymore 
my best work, I did with you 
nothing will ever compare

I think of you from time-to-time 
dust off the covers of my mind 
lean in, listen to the old songs

The soundtrack of my heart
is you

Opus: A complete musical work. A composition or set of compositions written by a musician, usually numbered in the order of its publication

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