If You Hadn’t Been Held

Original Image found here

***Mild Trigger Warning – Suicide Ideation***

If they hadn’t been there 
to hold you close 
to save you in that moment  
you would not be here
with me now

All your past pains 
eventually let us meet 
and we both know 
life is more fun together 
as we endure every weather

I shutter to think 
of all that would be missing 
from my life 
if they hadn’t held you close 
and you hadn’t been so brave 
and decided to stay

12 thoughts on “If You Hadn’t Been Held

    1. Hi David, I’ve had this in my poetry vault for a while and didn’t leave any of my process notes with it (of course). I agree that both work, but I honestly don’t remember my original intent. I usually try to remain true to the first creation and not change too much. I might leave it as is for now… But thanks for asking the question 🙂


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