Burnt To Life

Original image by nevs28 found here

My life was numb
living through the hours in a disconnected haze
nothing to look forward to
except a colourless sunrise

Then you came along  
and with you
I felt something
            seen and safe
I felt something
            no longer alone

It didn’t last
now you’re gone
but I’m no longer numb 
I still feel something
            a pain which scalds inside my veins
            burning through me

I don’t ignore the agony
It’s twisted 
the terrible way you treated me
brought me back from the grave
and burnt me back to life

26 thoughts on “Burnt To Life

  1. This is magnificent.
    I’m in Awe really.

    The last lines hit home. I don’t know if it was written from this perspective but I feel sometimes wrong people make us realise how strong we are otherwise.
    It’s just so beautiful ❤️

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