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I’m sick of staring at my screen 
I need a different stimulation 
The flirtatious looks you cast my way 
suggest you’ll be my liberation

You and me up-close together 
make a thrilling combination 
Close the door and click the lock 
the room drips with anticipation

I’m sure you’re very talented 
and I’d love a demonstration 
So many things I’d like to do 
starting with a hot fellation

Let me get your body moving 
let’s increase our circulation 
There’s nothing that will hit the spot 
quite like an office copulation 

Let’s take a moment to talk about this stimulating poem 🦊 I wrote the first two lines while in the middle of working 12 hour days on a work project. Then… my-oh-my the wonderful words that rhyme with ‘stimulation’ were just too tempting not to give into. However I’ll share a secret, working out the phrasing for ‘fellation’ was incredibly hard (haha). Thank you to my beta reader for encouraging me to keep going (oh my god Bree, stop).

Another secret… there may or may not be another verse which I felt was ‘too far’… I’ll keep it locked away in the poetry vault for now. Perhaps I’ll add it if I publish another book.

42 thoughts on “Stimulation

  1. It seems like you’ve decided to burn things to crazy hot, Bree 🔥🔥…I love the wordplay…you’re an amazing writer…interesting abt the the secret hidden verse…so can I pre-order your upcoming book? 😎😂

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