Midnight’s Mistress (Published)

Hi family, a quick note to let you know that my poem Midnight’s Mistress has been published on Spillwords Press today. I don’t often write dark poetry, but I’ve had this one in the vault (poems I lock away) for a while now and decided to submit it for Spillword’s Halloween series. I hope you enjoy it.

Love Bree

23 thoughts on “Midnight’s Mistress (Published)

  1. Congratulations, good for you. That is amazing, as you are. So happy for you, does this mean that the dark side of you is going to come out more often. Just kidding 😊 once again great job

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      1. That’s shows that you can write anything and do it well. A writer is a writer, it’s the way you draw in your audience and how you paint a picture with words. Either way good for you, great job.

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