There’ll Be Dragons

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Adrift with me 
on a sea of complicated emotions 
it’s uncharted territory

We’ve heard there are dangers ahead 
we’ve seen the maps 
the written messages people have left 
warnings of firedrakes and destruction

Yet we forge on 
keeping faith in each other 
despite the chance of wreckage and ruin

As we sail into the unknown 
it’s likely there’ll be dragons 
but with the fire we hold inside our hearts 
we’ll fight fire with fire 
until the very end

Life’s journeys are fraught with dangers and unknowns, never more so than in relationships.

Fun fact: Between the 10th and 17th centuries the presence of mythical creatures on maps indicated unexplored or dangerous areas. There’s a common misconception that the phrase ‘here be dragons’ was also used, but this is untrue. The inscription, ‘Here Be Dragons’ isn’t found on maps, simply one globe, the Ostrich Egg Globe.

Transcription from the Ostrich Egg Globe

23 thoughts on “There’ll Be Dragons

  1. What a beautiful poem…I’m like “oh wow” when I read your fine lines of fire…I love the depth…”As we sail into the unknown”…Keep expressing & shining, Bree 💫

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    1. Haha, glad to hear it Tom. I am useless at trivia and probably wouldn’t remember this off to top of my head 🤣 I’d be that annoying person saying ‘I know this one… It’s something with a globe and an egg’

      Liked by 1 person

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