When I Look at You I Think…

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When I look at you I think… I’m home
heart soaring higher under your gentle gaze
In silence we connect without a word
and heal each other’s hurts with love
This open-hearted union shines as
our souls interlace forever
under blue skies and star strewn nights
My heart dives deeper into love when I see
our hands fit together so perfectly
There are pure intensions between us
you display chivalry on a daily basis
and when I look at you I know… I’ll never be alone

29 thoughts on “When I Look at You I Think…

      1. Ahhhh, Thank you so much, My Dear! It seems my thoughts of you from yesterday made it to you! Was wondering how you are doing and missing our writing together! All is safe and well here. Tell me about you? I know you are always super busy. Want to make sure you are healthy and safe too! 😍

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