A Weighted Heart (Rhyming Sestina)

My love can be hard to see,
My mind is busy and my heart is tired
And I feel crushed under the weight on me,
However, will I do what is required
To open up my love and set it free?
It’s often difficult to feel inspired.

Tell me how love is inspired,
With the night in my eyes, it’s hard to see,
Still, I wish the dark night made me feel free
And I could lay down all the things that tired,
I’d pick up the energy I required
So you would see what resides inside me

I wish there was hope for me,
That some keen chemist would become inspired
To mix all the ingredients required
And create pills with benefits to see;
Then I would never feel wearied or tired,
But be able to live footloose and free

If there’re pills to set me free
From the worries I always have with me
I think my heart would no longer be tired,
My silent passion awakened, inspired,
For everyone to bear witness and see
That a little change is all that’s required

Medicine is not required,
It could never set this troubled mind free
For my soul is disturbed by what I see;
The lack of peace and true love around me,
Our expressions of care are not inspired;
Just look at the earth and how it is tired.

Politics has become tired
And a global agreement is required
To love all our neighbours and be inspired
To help the disadvantaged become free,
Then I know my joy will come back to me
And express its deep love for all to see

Even though my heart is tired, I am free
To do whatever is required of me;
To be inspired by change I want to see

Yes, I broke the strict rules and used rhyme. I also didn’t follow the traditional order for rhyming sestinas, but kept with the original word order. I figure if I know the rules, I can knowingly break them 😉

18 thoughts on “A Weighted Heart (Rhyming Sestina)

      1. That’s so true. Reminds me of when David Bowie said something about his library that there are all these books that he won’t be able to read in his lifetime. It’s a sad thought to not be able to get to do everything you wanted to do. But at least we got to read and write many still. And maybe what we get to do is just enough!

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