To Reach You (with audio)

Original image by the talented Vadim Trunov ((Вадим Трунов)

There was something so magical about you– 
swaying in the breeze,
so mysterious.
I had to reach out to you.

I stretched myself
to the very edge,
to point of falling.
when I thought you were
beyond my grasp,
I caught hold of you.
My heart swelled with joy,
secure in my knowledge
that the struggle was worth it.

To my devastation,
you disappeared
before my disbelieving eyes–
there was no substance to you.
I was looking
for someone to hold on to,
but you left
floating away on a zephyr.
All your charm
which captivated me from afar
masked your emptiness.

I have now learnt,
it’s best not to reach
for those
who are so easily influenced
by the wind.

There was something so magical about you–
and then
there was nothing.

Original image by amazing Vadim Trunov (Вадим Трунов)

To Reach You was inspired by these the two featured images. This piece speaks about the things in life which we think will make us happy… fame, money, a job, a person, an achievement etc. None of those things are ‘bad’, but sometimes they are not what we thought they would be; unfortunately, some of them are meaningless. This is a poetic reflection of that journey.

This piece is my first solo attempt at recording on a different program and adding background music. I am still getting used to managing the recording levels and sound quality. Please be patient with me as I learn a new skill and program. I’d love some feedback on the sound levels and quality if you’d care to. How did this recording sound to you? Of course, I hope you also liked the poem, and that these words have reached you in some way.

24 thoughts on “To Reach You (with audio)

    1. Oh this is not my first attempt at doing spoken word, it’s my first time adding music and using a different program 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this piece though Ivor. I’m uncertain how the recording/sounds levels are for others, hence my note at the bottom. Apologies if it was confusing.

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  1. Wow Bree!! What a stunning and beautiful poem! So Amazing – One of your very best (an ever growing number)!!
    And then you made it Beyond Perfect with Your Angelic voice interpreting it in your recitation so that we can enjoy the supreme pleasure of poetry, especially yours, by being able to close our eyes and letting our mind imagine and visualize your words!!! Bellissimo My Dear, Bellissimo!

    Your first recording with music was magical, Dear! A perfect blend of music with your awesome voice recording.
    On a technical note, piano is a percussive instrument and can be hard to get a good blend when combined in song or an audio recording. An amazing piece of music that perfectly paints the longing, remembering and letting go – Perfecto!!

    The ending is a great one that leaves the listener waiting and yearning for musical closure that doesn’t come as the piece doesn’t resolve to the root – a masterful match with the emotions of your verses! A stunning piece with music to match! My only suggestion, since I’m pretty sure you don’t have the background music on separate tracks for each instrument, would be for you to raise the volume of your voice a tiny bit so that the volume of the piano is never higher/louder than your voice.

    Think of it like you standing on stage and the piano is equally out front at an equal point with you instead of back a bit behind. Hope that isn’t too much in the weeds. That unresolved ending on the music really creates and matches the magical and mysterious feeling in your words! 💖💖🌹
    You left me breathless with this one, Bree!

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    1. Thank you Chuck for appreciating this poem and the recording. I’ll keep the music level in mind for next time, it can be difficult to manage the dynamics in the music itself as well 🙂

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  2. Your voice is mesmerising. Soothes the listener. The background music is lovely. Keep practicing. It will be better and awesome sooner. Wonderful first attempt.


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