Once Around The Sun (collab with audio)

Original Image found here on Pinterest

Once around the sun
with no touch from anyone
with no fun

Such a strange and lonely time
in the history of this planet
I dream of little moments 
like brushing past you on the stairs
your aroma so sweet upon my senses
your hair so finely spun between my fingers

Round and round but never close enough
In my past life
it might be weeks, sometimes
could be months between
those shivering connections
molten to the core
on fire, inside another
But now 
I count in “years”…

Heaven knows, we cracked the code
perpetual motion– 
Won’t do what we’re told 
can’t douse our passion
Forget trying to explain it
I need hands-on demonstrations
You and me
weren’t meant to be alone

It’s been too long 
since I worked the buttons loose
on your jeans
It’s so long… since
I pulled your head to my bare chest
let you listen to my heart
Round and round yet never together
Endless motion yet no connection

Now it’s 
once around the sun
all these months without touch
without caress
without our fun

How I dream, how I burst 
for the memory 
of that breathless surrender
eyes connecting
and the quietly blinking pleasure
as I shiver beside
You bite my shoulder
prolong the moment
So many barren seasons, now
O, I’ve been aching for you

My fingers (my nails), my fists (my wrists), so dissatisfied 
my arms (my sighs), my thighs (my hips), so prone
Once around the sun
so many months between
without touch
without caress
without undress
without breath
O, an end must come… 

For all the Lovers separated by COVID… This one is for you.

For Tom at tomalexwrite.com, thanks again for playing poetry with me.

38 thoughts on “Once Around The Sun (collab with audio)

  1. Wow! What an Amazing collaboration you two!! What a great capture of all the feelings, emotions and desires of separated lovers!! Thanks so much for the audio!! Being able to close my eyes and envision it all made it perfection!! Bellissimo!!!

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