Falling Away (collab with audio)

Original Image found here on Pinterest

I would have caught but you fell away instead
I am unsure why, I thought
My words were complete and clear that I was on your side
I wanted to be a safe place for you to confide
For you to live life free.
Perhaps that scared you. Perhaps it was too much.
Perhaps you didn’t want to be safe.
I would have welcomed your rawness.
I would have endured your moods.

I wished to stand by your side 
and for you, 
would have happily indulged in a fight
I wished to let you know you are the place for me to reside, but
I also have my life and I know when I cease to be required.

I hope one day you allow yourself to be seen completely.
I am someone to hold onto
I will hold on forever
But you chose
to fall away

A big Thank You and (Heart) to Kritika Maheshwari at Undressed Thoughts for collaborating with me on this piece. You are the rainbow after every storm. 💜

25 thoughts on “Falling Away (collab with audio)

  1. Beautiful poem, Kritika and Bree! Lovely narration, Bree! ❤ I like that the speaker in the poem says that though she is there for the man, she also has her own life. That is the one thing one should never surrender. Have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl and I’m glad you picked up on that part. It was important to us to have that personal boundary and strength included 🙂


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