The world is too hot for me tonight.

I have blisters on my heart from witnessing so much sadness around me.

The heat rises from the pains of humanity and I suffer from heatstroke.

I feel the fire,

Fires all around.

Some are oh so near,

While others flame on distant shores.

The stories of a million souls reach out to me and I draw them into my heart.

You, share your honest truth with me and I burn from the intensity of it.

However, I will not pull away,

Because it is in the fire that we are refined.

The world is too hot for me tonight,

But I’ll keep my heart open

and stay with you–

We can blister together.

37 thoughts on “Blister

    1. Thanks Ben. To travel with/alongside someone we care about during their most difficult moments is both painful and powerful… But… For me, it IS better together for sure 🙂


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