Playmates at Midnight (collab with audio)

Original Photo from Pinterest

By Chuck Lindholm and Secrets

Audio version spoken by Secrets

With A Playmate,
Is So Much Better,
Than “Solitaire

So I,
Let Down My Hair
For New Year’s Eve
And Went To The
Party Instead 

To See,
What Fun
Might Be,
After Midnight

And That’s Where
You Caught Me,
Staring At You,
With A Laser Gaze,

But, You Didn’t Turn Away?

Instead I Felt Your
Lingering Look,
Unwrapping The Layers
I Hide Behind,
Down To The Real Me, 
Building The Tension,
And Exposing The Fires,
Of Anticipation And Desires,
That Started To Burn
Between Us

Wanting To Explore
The Possibilities,
And All That Might Be,
Waiting Beyond The Edge

I Let My
Sly Smile,
And Eyes

“Will You Come 
And Meet Me,
In The Shadows, 
In The Darkness,
In The Backside
Of The Night,
Where We Can
Play Out All Our Fantasies?  

Away From Prying Eyes, 
And Judgments,
On A Playground
Of Our Choosing? 

Can You Hear
My Soul Whispering? 

I’m In The Mood To Play!
Are You?”

Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet AND Secrets – Secret Thoughts Within – All Rights Reserved

Happy New Year to any reading these words! What a year it has been! Regardless of what your plans are to ring in 2021, we hope these playful words will make you smile. A big ‘Thank you’ to Chuck for convincing me to adventure again into the world of collaborations. He takes my thoughts and flies them like a kite, taking them higher.

Please note, that although I have published this poem with Chuck, I am still not ‘around and reading’ until my Monday (Aussie time). See you soon 💜

25 thoughts on “Playmates at Midnight (collab with audio)

  1. Thank you, Dear Secrets for the joy and thrill of writing with You! Your words have magical powers, for sure! It was such a pleasure spending time with you to birth this little baby!

    You are so masterful with words that it was an extreme honor to have the privilege of writing with you! I can only wish (belated Christmas Wish) for more opportunities to write with you again!! Having you record an audio of what we wrote was way above and beyond and made it Perfect!! Bless You, Secrets!
    xoxox 😘💕🎁😊🌹🌹✨✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you are welcome Chuck. I hope you have a lovely New Year’s Eve. I have already started the new year, so I’m pleased to report that I think you will enjoy it… From the future, Secrets.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m loving your message from the future!! Yeah! Good things in store, you say? I’m still waiting until Jan 20 to really celebrate the New Year! LOL Hope you had a super time!!
        xoxox 💕💖😊🌹✨

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! This was so fun to listen to, Secret! I loved the collab, kudos to you and Chuck for this piece. I am definitely in the mood to play, now. 😅😁🤗💕🙏🥂
    Happy new year.

    Liked by 1 person

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