Why did you?

Why did you have to be so confident?
So talented?
So intelligent?

I wasn’t looking for anyone to take up space in my heart
Yet you came along
Filling up the hollow expanse.

Why did you have to be so funny?
So understanding?
So authentic?

Why did you have to come along at all?
Without you I was doing alright
But now that I’ve met you I can’t imagine life on my own.

Oh why did you have to blow me away?

39 thoughts on “Why did you?

  1. Ahh, some people come in our lives when we least expect it. Over time, staying becomes difficult, so they leave. The greatest mysteries of all time. Did they come only to leave? I love how you have written this! Relatable and beautiful.

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  2. It happens, and when it does we start focusing on the hows as much as the whys. I really like that ending because the narrator is perhaps being blown away in the sense they’ve become something new, let down their guard, opened up. But they are, too, impressed by the this person who has come into their life. This is a great feeling to have and always unexpected. Very relatable poem.

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  3. Wow! that’s a powerful piece — but what a blessing that the person came along; and even if it didn’t work out, the journey would have been magical. I love the energy of this; Great last line 🙂

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  4. Ha! Yeah, the universe works that way sometime, for sure!! Minding your own business and then the one you can’t live without comes into your life!!! One of those fated, meant to be things!! Awesome post! So wonderfully romantic!! Loved the “leave me alone – don’t leave me”!!!

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