She’s gone

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I saw the blistering on your heart when you realised that your life together was shifting to memory.

I heard the ache in your soul when you revealed you’d never see her again.

I felt the cracks in your mind when you tried to imagine your world without her.

I smelt the desperation in your voice when you relived your last exchange.

I tasted the sadness in your tears when you let go of all your dreams with her.

I observed it all in the moment you told me,

“She is gone”.

29 thoughts on “She’s gone

  1. That is indeed painful to witness, and difficult to know how to handle… very challenging. And it’s awful to go through it too. I know I’ve been there once or twice. And then, sometimes gone isn’t truly gone or forever. But one has to believe it is, in order for things to move on and get better. Poignant write!! πŸ’›

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  2. I so very much like the composition of this. To use all the senses. That’s a very effective thing to do. Very strong: “felt the cracks in your mind”; “tasted the sadness in your tears”. And you nailed the ending!

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