Words for me

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

I wanted to read some beautiful words
Words written just for me
Of exquisite expressions and pleasing phrases
Tenderhearted kisses for the soul

But I could not find them anywhere

I shouldn’t rely on others to tell me who I am
So I decided to write them for myself
Time to uncover the elegance within my own heart
And the universe God placed there

I looked inside and found beauty everywhere

I wanted to write some beautiful words
I wrote four words just for me
“Darling you are divine”
I’ll hold onto them, I guarantee

25 thoughts on “Words for me

    1. John, you blow me away! Honestly, such high praise! Shall we change the ending for you to “Dude you are Dominating”?

      Also, trying to be patient here, but you know… Still hanging out for you to start writing again 😁

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  1. Love it. :)) When I was trying to wean myself from WP for the 102nd time I actually made myself a private poetry chapbook using this exact system. But still, here I am… again and again. ;)) Btw, thank you for finding that other page of mine yesterday. And for these comments here. πŸ₯° I had this massive bunch of paperwork to deal with and also a few personal feelings issues, so I went into private mode. But your touch on that other page brought me back, and happily so. Love reading your posts. πŸ™πŸ˜šπŸ’•

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    1. Thanks for sharing that with me Lia. I will admit I might have panicked just a wee little bit when I couldn’t find you πŸ˜… But John helped out (what a guy). And once again I learn something from you and pocket that idea (going private) if I need it in the future. Love to you. Rest and recover dear heart 😚

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  2. I hate it when sometimes you cannot find the words to perfectly describe something or someone. Unfortunately, those are the times I think body language does the talking.
    This post evoked a wee bit of inspiration..

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