A letter from Secrets (ST)

I love discovering new (to me) writers or photographers and pouring over their creative genius. To me, it feels like Christmas morning when you find someone who you just ‘have to follow’. But on Secret Thoughts Within, I don’t feel I need or particularly want a large following to be happy in this space. Give me ten connected souls and I’m in heaven. Apparently, I’m easy to please.

I decided about two weeks ago that if I never got another follower/subscriber to this blog I would be perfectly content. If my ‘follow’ numbers stop here and never increase… look around friends, because apparently I love the ones I already have. Nawwww, you guys. As a side, I also won’t be offended if you unfollow me or alternatively take a break from me for a time and re-follow later (thank you Lia for this idea). I don’t use this platform to build a brand, get exposure, create income or become published etc. I know some of you do (go you good things), but I have the luxury of relaxing in this space. It’s all sunshine and fucking rainbows for me evidently.

All this rainbow swearing leads me (oddly enough) to why on earth I would even write a letter to my ‘followers’ in the first place; it’s not something I ever thought I would do. Perhaps I should have sculpted a beautifully worded manifesto or cleverly crafted poem, but I didn’t. I write this all to say: I’m grateful for you. I am not after anything, I have no secret motives (I would have told you already) and I don’t require anything from you. I hope from me you will only ever receive kindness and encouragement.

I recently read a beautiful piece about Kindness by Reni Alugo and I am richer for it. I read her most recent post and she’s nominated me for the LIEBSTER award (Darling heart I think I broke all the rules, but look where it led us.). For anyone new to the blogosphere (like a week or less) blogging awards are like the chain-letters you’d get in school, only these ones are used to help build connection and get to know other blogs. It’s not my natural style, but I wanted to honour Reni’s thoughtful nomination by writing in my own voice as a ‘getting to know you’ gesture. I hope you enjoyed it, I tried.

Oh and Reni, I would have neither an American or British accent, because I’m a maverick.

-Secrets or ST

11 thoughts on “A letter from Secrets (ST)

    1. Just read your letter 😭 and 👏 I shall miss reading your words, but I am absolutely behind you. The creativity requires great vulnerability. And now I want nachos.


  1. “Nawwww, you guys” – I love how you say nawww instead of awww. I do want to know your accent… FYI ;))))). I googled maverick but it just means maverick. I was thinking it might be a word for Aussie or something lol. I’m a Canuck meself. Loving the letter!!! I agree I abhor followers lol. Makes me super nervous to have any. 😂😂😂 But I also love having friends. I do think of you as one, whether you like it or not. ;)). Huggles ‘n’ snuggles. :)) 💛🤗👯‍♂️ p.s. the more swearing the better. 😉😂🤓

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    1. I loved this and wished I had dropped some slang for you. Something we say is ‘No worries’ or if you are really bogan (Google that too) you can shorten it to ‘nurries’.
      Them: We might be late
      You: No worries
      And that’s the end of the Aussie lesson for today 😂 See you round Canuck 💜

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      1. Awesome!!! We do “no worries” too. 😄 Maybe we Canucks caught it from you. ;)) But nurries!! love that. I met some Aussies on my travels… Also treeplanted with some wayyyy back when. Really good people. Like you. :)) Ciao for now 💛 xoxo


  2. Wow!… I wasn’t expecting to see this, but this is very admirable. I love your perspective, quantity over quality will be devoid of true satisfaction. It should never be about just the numbers 😅. I am glad our paths crossed on here, it’s a wonderful experience getting to learn from your beautiful mind. Thanks for your response, I like that you did this on your own terms 🤗

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