Work Christmas Party

There’s a crack between your word 
and what I saw you do – 
at your work Christmas party 
I watched your colleague follow you

You spent the evening close together 
it was like you were a couple 
and for half-an-hour you disappeared 
and I knew that there was trouble

You re-entered the crowded room 
Was that some lipstick on your lip?
You gave me a familiar smile 
I grabbed a glass and took a sip

In the morning when I ask  
you denied and claimed ignorance 
but then you changed your story 
and now I doubt your innocence

‘I didn’t want to be there  
I didn’t know where to look 
I really tried to get away,
but she had me in her hooks’

Yet during all the speeches  
you stood by her side instead of mine 
As I compare your words and actions 
unfortunately they don’t align

Now if you see me pull away 
and my eyes are full of doubt 
it’s because that fateful evening 
fears took seed and started to sprout

It seems your work Christmas party 
has brought certain truths to light 
and I will not love you the same 
because of what I saw that night

I know this is a bit of a downer, but don’t fear, I’ve got some sexy Christmas poetry planned. Until then, heed the warning in this poem; as you enter the ‘silly season’, don’t do anything stupid. Love Bree.

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