Paths of Mystery (Published now with Audio)

Paths of Mystery was originally published with Wingless Dreamer in The dawn of the day anthology during September 2021. I’m sharing the full poem with you now, plus the addition of Spoken Word 🙂

Original image found here on Pinterest

Walking upon paths of mystery
uncertain where we are going
daring to climb unexplored mountains
treading in territories we have never seen
around the bend
over that hill
traverse the lake
navigate the ridge
ever onwards
walking the paths
the paths of mystery

We may understand the terrain 
a river is a river 
a cave is a cave 
but just like lovers 
no two are the same 
So, we remain trekking 
seeking and searching 
the unknown 
the unknown paths

Aren’t we only ever hunting the salty border of the sea? 
Without it we have no self-control 
we’ll keep exploring 
keep discovering 
keep pushing 
walking the ground down 
down into paths

And once we reach that inevitable boundary 
will we finally realise 
the journey hasn’t ended? 
Instead, we will continue onwards 
onto the boat 
onto the afterlife 
onto unmappable paths 
the paths of mystery

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