Sewing Kit

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When my whole world was aching 
and things started to fall apart 
there’s one place I’d go for solace 
to let the mending start
With an opened box before us 
me on the floor, Grandma above 
Her, fixing, stitching and healing 
with her needles and with love

Trays full of bits and bobs 
in all the colours I adored 
everything I’d ever need 
for something to be restored
Buttons and spools of string
enough to patch things back together  
where ripping actions are redeemed 
and sad hearts made to feel better

Now the box is mine to keep 
the possibilities are truly endless 
there’s always hope inside that case 
even when I’m feeling senseless
Contained in Grandma’s gift 
there’re tools for second chances  
if I take my time and dig around 
I’ll find a myriad of answers

So many hopeful emotions 
countless promises are held 
within that one little box 
the words “gone forever” are dispelled  
When life’s pieces become undone 
and I may just want to quit 
nothing is ever unfixable 
not with Grandma’s sewing kit

For the Grandmothers. Inspired by Lemon Pie by Edgar Albert Guest

I wrote this poem back in 2020 and have kept it to myself. A nudge from friend has brought it out into the world.

13 thoughts on “Sewing Kit

      1. Poems that capture those autobiographical formative memories & moments are pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of our ultimate stories as writers… and when they’re executed as well as this, they’re a piece we should treasure. 😀

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