Indecent (collab)

Original image found here by HauteNess Photography

By Cassa Bassa and Bree Leto

My love for you is indecent
it doesn’t fit neatly into the mould
I am an outlier in every book of sin
No amount of purity resists my passion

Offer me your vigour
and I will return it ten-fold
You have never known a love like mine
I’m a wildfire and raging storm

Come! Count me in
Let me be your intoxication and Sunday regret
We’ll be each other’s forbidden fruit
and feast on a love so indecent

Originally published 28th Sept 2021

I adore Cassa, she is a wonderful poet and it was such an honour to write with her. I am thrilled that my first Aussie collaboration was with this poetic powerhouse.

45 thoughts on “Indecent (collab)

  1. You guys must be psychics… I have just heard, that a wild raging storm is going to hit south-eastern Australia tonight …and now after reading your poem … I have too be doubly aware of of what comes slashing against my door tonight !!… and I don’t think either me or Frankie have the power to hold such a fiery tempestuous force at bay …

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