The Cat and The Bat

Image found here on Pinterest

Meet me in secret 
down the back alleyway 
where no one will see 
Tell me (truthfully) Bat 
do you want to capture 
or completely consume me?

Take me by the tail  
I’ll straddle your rumbling bike 
fly back to your hidden cave 
through the darkness of the night

Tie me up tight 
restrain me with your desire 
take off your amour 
and leave it on the floor 
I’m purring for you 
and I have cream to share–  
come take a lick 
enjoy a love-bite  
the beat of your body betrays your delight

I want it and I’ll steal it 
while undressing in the black 
I’ll sharpen my long nails  
down along your back

Nightly games between a cat and bat – 
a tug of war in the sheets  
as our animal instincts take over  
neither wants to cease 
All we feel is the heat of need 
we lose control 
and finally release

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