Smile Through The Cracks (with audio)

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This will not be what you’re expecting…

Do everything effortlessly 
Cook with perfection 
Have a stunning house 
Have perfect hair 
Be a #girlboss 
Be a mother 
Be everyone’s best friend 
Be at every social event 
Be successful
Be fashion forward 
Be a sex goddess 
Be pure
Be. Everything. To. Everyone

Don’t complain 
Don’t stand up for yourself 
Don’t rock the boat
Don’t have emotions
Don’t forget anyone’s birthday 
Don’t age 
Don’t get work done on your face 
Don’t have any wrinkles 
Don’t be fake 
Don’t be older than 30

Be unappreciated 
Be silent 
Be unacknowledged 
Be overlooked 
Be paid less 
Be taken advantaged of 
Be used  
Be controlled
Smile. Through. The. Cracks.

Some experimental poetry and spoken word from me here. It won’t be for everyone and that’s okay… it wasn’t for you anyway 😉

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