New Places

Image Credit: Loneliness in the crowd by Erol Ayaz found here on Pinterest

One can feel so alone
a stranger in a new place
no friends, not one familiar face
Yet we struggle on
learning new words and ways
practicing an unfamiliar phrase
Trying, trying to belong
ignoring the loneliness in the days

One can feel so tired
so drained in a new place
change taking up all our headspace
Yet we push through
attempting to assimilate 
despite the things that frustrate
Trying, trying to feel comfortable
waiting for the tension to abate

One can feel like a failure
it’s okay to feel alone and tired 
endurance should be admired 
Yet slow progress is still progress 
as we remember it’s not a race 
growth is something to embrace 
Have courage, hold onto faith
Keep trying, trying 
whenever you find yourself in a new place

Have you ever moved, made a life choice or a broken a habit that meant you were somewhere new, either figuratively or literally? It can seem exciting from the outside (on social media), but change is often difficult and uncomfortable. If this is you right now, take a moment to acknowledge that what you’re doing is brave. Keep going, I admire you.

31 thoughts on “New Places

  1. oooooooooooo Bree this is so relatable!!!!! The entire poem. And the last verses: “Have courage, hold onto faith
    Keep trying, trying
    whenever you find yourself in a new place” – inspiring and admirable!!!

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  2. I really relate!
    And for me its not even like a new place, anywherw I go even like a party and its so hard to belong to any place with people I don’t know.
    The last lines werw realky uplifting
    Love this!πŸ–€

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  3. This is such a beautiful poem…it touched my heart right away…deeply…the picture you’ve projected is so alive…that I can see it playing right infront of my eyes…it’s such a relatable piece, Bree…I’m sure, it’s just not me but almost everyone wouid be able to connect to your piece at one or another level…I’m literally sighing πŸ’Ÿ

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