Rearranging Stars (with audio)

(Ballad of the Stars)

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At first glance my soul loved yours 
but our star-signs spelt disaster 
I didn’t know we’d make it with 
the universe as master

When I read our astrology 
my mind fell into deep despair 
you told me not to worry 
you placed a kiss upon my hair

You said you’d shift the heavens 
rewrite the pathways in the sky
you’d make our signs compatible 
we wouldn’t have to say ‘goodbye’

So you called upon the gods 
and spirits of the universe 
to see if they would find new ways 
for the stars to be disbursed

You convinced those gods to move 
homes of the constellations 
showing your great love for me 
changed the milky way’s foundations

But some stars they did not like it 
and refused to realign 
saying, “Why should we have to move? 
We detest this redesign”

Now they blaze across the sky 
no longer in one location 
those shooting stars rebelling 
without a destination

For the stars who blessed our love 
the spirits gave a brilliant light 
now our birth-stars shine together 
beaming brightly in the night

You rearranged the heavens 
changing their course forever 
influencing the gods and stars 
so we could be together

At first glance my soul loved yours 
but our star-signs spelt disaster 
I didn’t know we’d make it till 
you arranged our ‘ever after’

30 thoughts on “Rearranging Stars (with audio)

  1. star search! your love is in vain
    as i have said a twixt lines
    over and again
    yet your voice
    is a choice
    lost in love
    you to i
    as the gallant
    years go cavorting by

    i must say an elegant and sexy post
    to you and yours i raise my fist in a salutory toast!

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  2. Bree, you’re a star…this is absolutely a stellar writing…the rhyming…the depth…the spoken word is a killer…new dimension to something so beautiful & spatial…you’ve made it extra special…so expressive…can you see, I love everything about it? 💫🤍✨🌟

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    1. I can see that you love it and I appreciate your heart and that it feels things deeply. Thank you Navin 💜 I have been working on this one for a while (a few months), so it’s lovely to hear it all came together well.

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  3. I’m always so excited to see you have a new poem available; and this poem here, is filled with so much love, the words drip with it. This here, “I didn’t know we’d make it with the universe as master” is wondrous, and the last stanza is brilliant. Reading and listening, profound, Bree. ❤️❤️

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