I’m missing                   my yang
Without    you    I’m in a tailspin
Without    you        I’m spiralling

Half of my
soul has        departed
If yang is     heaven   light     heat
why    do    I    feel    as     though

I’ve crossed-over 
                              into the after-life 
                                  since you left?

To read the companion poem to this one, see Benjamin Grossman’s “Yin”. https://benjamin-grossman.com/2021/07/03/yin/

48 thoughts on “Yang

  1. Loving your layout. Very beautiful work. Really mesmerizing. Thanks for joining in on this. I never written companion pieces to a new poem, just more to historical ones. Again: brilliant work and many thanks!

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      1. I won’t get into a debate about who deserves what praise… we both know I will win 😏 I will instead, simply say “teamwork makes the dream work” 😁


  2. What a brilliant piece, Secrets….I loved the “downwards” effect….the lines are quite deep…I read Ben’s Yin as well….wow when it comes to collab or writing such companion poetry, you both have a beautiful flow…..Keep expressing, Bree 💫💙

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  3. This is so so beautiful. I love the ending to this piece, it’s so powerful in emotion. Both yours and Ben’s together makes for an exquisite masterpiece. Well done 🖤🖤

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    1. Yes, they always connected in perfect balance. They hold a part of each other inside themselves (if you romanticise it). Thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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