Kept for you

I kept my secret smile for you today.

I almost gave it to a man who was trying to steal my heart, but I pulled it back just in time. Smooth phrases and witty words, even with my guard down, I didn’t give it away.

You see, my secret smile holds all the things I only want to say to you,
“I like you exactly as you are.”
“We’d be so good together.”
And, “Do you want to take me home?”

It’s the smile I have when I wake up after a dream about you. The one that rolls across my lips when I think of your name.

When I see you again, I’ll be sure to wear it, hoping you’ll understand the messages behind it. I’ve been curating it over time, preserving it and reserving it; waiting for the right time.

Keeping it, just for you.

23 thoughts on “Kept for you

      1. I have to say that it was my other female followers who gave me the courage to write streamy stuff… Or perhaps it was more their appreciation and encouragement. Go for it 😉


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