7 thoughts on “Jacaranda (Haiku)

      1. It’s a good idea. Essays can be a bit boring to write, but I just feel like there is a lot to say about this poem. I mean on micro-level it’s about the tree and the car and the person. But in a way you can see this as something way bigger from a macro analysis, not to mention seeing it from a abstract, literal, or metaphorical standpoint. And, the concept of three or triad, where, for instance, you might have a mother, father, child (comes to mind for me). It takes three to complete the full family. And likewise, you might have the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer. Here you certainly have the creator which could be the tree and also with perhaps the person who created the car. Then you have the tree as the destroyer which might be making the mess. But the person who owns this car must preserve this pristine finish. Could it be that the meaning of human life is to preserve what has been created or destroyed and hope that we don’t do too much creating and destroying along the way in the midst of that? Okay, I went on too long. But I really could write a twenty-page essay about this haiku. I was being completely serious. It’s a fantastic piece that is very multifaceted. Good work 🙂 Have a great day!

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      2. Ben… Your thoughts and different insights are blowing me away! Seriously, your mind is a gift my friend. I will add to your essay…
        Often the beauty in life is inconvenient, uncomfortable and messy; it rarely does what we want, when we want. In our search for perfection and control, we often sweep it away and consider it a nuisance. We miss what is happening right in front of us because our eyes are so focused on other prizes. Goodness you’re right… We could write an essay on this pulling out all the different interpretations and layers. 🤣
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a great sleep 🙂

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      3. Oh, I like what you added. A good essay should go one step farther than the text and reach a level behind the work, peeling like an onion and showing the layers. And, I think that’s why this piece is so excellent. I love what you say about beauty. Really: everything you say has more depth than we can share here. Such an interesting thought on beauty and perfection. You have a beautiful mind, in fact; I’m only working off your words and inspirations, in truth. But thanks. Stay safe! I think we definitely created the skeleton for an essay, though. Thanks for our mini-duet.

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      4. Haha, who knew I would be essay writing today, particularly about a Haiku 🤣 Thanks Ben, it was an interesting ‘mini-duet’ for sure. 😃


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