Ocean remedy

Author’s own image

Days by the ocean,
Seeking healing and comfort in the arms of the sea.
Just me and memory stained beaches.
Cold water teasing my toes,
Warm thoughts reverberating around my mind.

Sweet moment of solitude surrounded by salty air.
Wind whipping wildly through my wavy hair.
Rolling waves repeatedly running over weather rounded rocks.
Healing time in nature, all my pains I almost forgot.

Pen and journal.
Unleashing words.
Copying the elements,
Being led by flow.
No formula here,
No pretty prose.

Breathing in the refreshing air,
Away from responsible adult life.
Exploring rock pool with adventure,
Both in ‘the real’ and in my mind.

Unfolding in the moment,
Finding freedom in my soul.
Where to from here? I wonder,
It doesn’t matter and I don’t know.

Days by the ocean,
All alone,
Yes, by myself.
For inner healing,
I need
nothing else.

Author’s own image

Another experiment in mixing styles and just letting the words fall where they wanted. And why yes, it is an image in colour! I just didn’t have the heart to keep those beautiful blues from you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

23 thoughts on “Ocean remedy

    1. Thank you for saying so Nick. I was very uncertain about this piece, so I appreciate your thoughts 😊 Unless of course you were only talking about the photo πŸ˜‚ In which case, yes it’s beautiful 🀣


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