Holding back sorry

I’m sorry

I know that you have loved me for years
Trying to hide it in the shadows
I saw it anyway
I wish that I could love you the way you want me to
For the way you treat me makes me feel so safe
But, this rebellious heart won’t co-operate with my rational mind
I have even imagined what our life would look like together
I know it would be a sweet story
Apparently my heart doesn’t care for sweet

I’m so sorry

Unrequited love is the hardest
I wish I could take it away
For I deeply care about you
I see the longing in your eyes
It makes me wish I could return the same
But, I can’t fabricate what’s not there
So I will hold all of these thoughts back from you
I know it will only hurt you or give you false hope
Instead I will bury them and pretend not to notice all you feel for me

I am sorry.

Inspired by those on the other side of the ‘friend zone’

22 thoughts on “Holding back sorry

      1. Aw… I love so much when you get real. Truly I do. That must have been so hard for him… and you were very ethical and thoughtful in the way you dealt with it. You’re truly lovely. πŸ’›

        Liked by 1 person

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