Another Prince

Author’s own image

You remind me of someone

We met under a wave as we crashed into each other
Then we spent seven summers with feet covered in sand and salt
Talking of philosophy and love
Perhaps silently loving each other as well

I was sweet and innocent, welcoming eyes
With my blond hair and hungry mind
He was mysterious and brooding, generous smile
With his dark curls and curious thoughts

In another life we may have loved each other well
We would have fought together
And found our way together
We were so different yet so connected in our summer haze

I smile as I think of us now
We were glorious in the sun
Sharing our growing hearts
Pondering the mysteries of the world as the days burnt through us

So I can’t help but be drawn to you
I smile at your deep musings
They are familiar to me
I hope you have someone to share them with in the transparent light of day

Because you remind me of someone

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