Your love makes me jealous

Let me be honest,
Your new love is driving me up the fucking wall.
Your rose coloured feelings and adoring sighs make me resentful.
I know it’s very exciting for you,
But for the rest of us,
It’s like you’re pointing a torch into our eyes during the black of night.
It’s really just too much.
The way you look at each other,
The way you talk about each other,
Stop with all your love-smug shit.
You’re really pissing me off with your confidence.
This love you have right now isn’t as ‘special’ as you think.
We have all felt that before too,
But clearly it’s been a while.
I’m just jealous,
Let me be honest.

16 thoughts on “Your love makes me jealous

      1. See, I thought it was weird I’d not read your work before!!

        Why WP unfollowed me from your blog and took away all my previous likes (but left my comments) I’ll never know…

        No matter – I’m more than loving reading your words again!! 😁👍🖤

        Liked by 1 person

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