Shooting wishes

I hesitate to make wishes on shooting stars.

I’m never quite sure where they are heading with those precious dreams of mine.

What if my wishes are accidentally dropped into the ocean? I would need a submarine to retrieve them from the dark forgotten places.

And if they are left in the middle of the dessert, what good are dried up dreams?

I hesitate to think what would happen to them in a dense jungle, lost forever and never remembered.

But if shooting stars do their job right

You may just dream of me tonight

And that would be more than alright.

16 thoughts on “Shooting wishes

    1. πŸ€” I think it needs a re-write, but I just wrote it out, thought of you encouraging me and pressed publish before second guessing myself (and vaulting this one with the other 50 or so πŸ˜†).

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