I’m Fine

When you ask me how I am And I tell you that “I’m fine”, It means I’ve cried too many tears And breathed a multitude of sighs. If my words seem pretty vague, Well, I do it by design, Because I don’t want you to know, Underneath I’m not so fine.

Dream (Haiku)

Please wish me “Goodnight” So I can fall fast asleep And dream about you


I saw a twinkle in your eyeand it almost made me crycos it was just so nice to seesomeone else who thought like me


The world is too hot for me tonight. I have blisters on my heart from witnessing so much sadness around me. The heat rises from the pains of humanity and I suffer from heatstroke. I feel the fire, Fires all around. Some are oh so near, While others flame on distant shores. The stories ofContinue reading “Blister”

Blue horizon

I treasure the solitude of standing in the waves and looking at a mirrored horizon.It lifts my soul and reminds me that there are so many directions my heart can go.

Playmates at Midnight (collab with audio)

By Chuck Lindholm and Secrets PlayingWith A Playmate,Is So Much Better, Than “Solitaire” So I,Let Down My HairFor New Year’s EveAnd Went To TheParty Instead  CuriousTo See,What FunMight Be,HappeningAfter Midnight And That’s WhereYou Caught Me,Staring At You,With A Laser Gaze, But, You Didn’t Turn Away? Instead I Felt YourLingering Look,Unwrapping The Layers I Hide Behind,Down To The Real Me, Building The Tension,And Exposing The Fires, Of Anticipation And Desires,That Started To BurnBetween Us Wanting To ExploreThe Possibilities,And All That Might Be,Waiting Beyond The Edge I Let MySly Smile,And EyesAsk, “Will You Come And MeetContinue reading “Playmates at Midnight (collab with audio)”


My body drips with longing for you, aching to feel the fiery flood of your hands. You calm and awaken me in equal measure, causing an oscillating storm within. Capture my euphoric moans on your lips while I willingly drown beneath your touch. Unwrap the folds of my love with your tongue and I’ll chantContinue reading “Drip”


You encouraged me right when I wasn’t I should do this. I took your words and pressed them to my frantic heart. You reminded me that bravery is allowedAnd bravery has its own rewards. So I opened up and pour out what was hidden and packed away. In doing so I discovered so much aboutContinue reading “Bravery”

The Guardian (with audio)

I am the guardian of your secrets The ones you keep inside The truth of who you really are All the things you try to hide I do not judge concealed thoughts Or the secrets that you carry You can tell me anything I’ll listen without commentary I keep confessions safe and sound I protect them until my death I will not speakContinue reading “The Guardian (with audio)”

Let it loose

100 word story Perhaps it’s time to break out of your self-imposed prison. You have spent too long living in darkness and keeping yourself small. You weren’t made for the shadows; you were made to dispel them. You were meant to shine and illuminate the way for others. Feel your inner spark reigniting as youContinue reading “Let it loose”


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