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My thoughts ricochet around the room

and I try chasing every one of them down – 

I’ve never been very good 

at leaving a thousand thoughts alone

29 thoughts on “Ricochet

  1. Reminds me of moments I’m forced to be decisive.

    And we all know to “decide” is to willingly cut off potential possibilities lol I find it hard being so decisive when there’s a chance to do things better lol

    Lovely piece ✨

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    1. Wonderful insight O.D. I’ve also heard it said another way. The paralysis that can come from making decisions is the FEAR of making the wrong choice… A bit of a perfectionist tendency. The fear of being wrong. It’s an interesting topic to explore. Thanks for adding to the conversation 🙂

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      1. naaaah not sure what’s wrong with me but i’m determined to get back to my old creative reading and writing self :p always a pleasure reading you daaaaarling!!! 😏💜

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