The Shoreline (with audio)

Original Image found here on Pinterest
Wave effects by InspectorJ via Freesound

You were the wild ocean
I was the still meadow
no permanent place to be together – 
your heart would have run dry with me,
I would have drowned in your arms. 

Meeting on the shoreline
crashing into each other
we joined in tempest waves.
Our love was a temporal thing
contained by the tides
tethered to the moon’s moods.

We could not remain together – 
But I will always cherish loving you 
in those moments
when we briefly intertwined
on the shoreline.

33 thoughts on “The Shoreline (with audio)

  1. Such a great piece (from line to line, and start to end). The metaphor, the imagery, the relatability, just everything. Fantastic reading, too. Love this part: “Our love was a temporal thing / contained by the tides / tethered to the moon’s moods”. And the way that you keep the poem concise and short gives it this sense of briefness which the poem relates back to. Wonderful again! Lots of good things to say about this poem!

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    1. Oh Ben, you are just so incredibly encouraging! Like Kritika, you have been drawn to my favourite lines as well 💜 I hope you know how much I appreciate your thoughts on this piece… It’s really helpful for me as I continue developing my craft 👍


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