An Awakening Touch (collab)

Credit to Original Artist

By Charles Robert Lindholm and Bree Leto

Our first touch–
with only your fingers 
slowly brushing my hand
sent an extraordinary
jolt of electricity, 
through my whole body
that I had never felt before

The twinkle
in your eye
sparked imaginings
that lit up my soul

The smile on your lips
whispered to my heart 
making its beating race
as a blush showed
upon my face

An unintended touch
that somehow came to be
as your fingers brushed my hand
and awoke a part of me
I never knew
was waiting there

I shared a touch of the new
and a lingering stare with you
        and hoped 
                 for more

I always enjoy cooking up some words with Chuck. We hope you enjoyed this awakening piece, fitting for those starting to enjoy Spring.

23 thoughts on “An Awakening Touch (collab)

  1. ‘The smile on your lips
    whispered to my heart
    making its beating race
    as a blush showed
    upon my face’
    The words, the sensual touch, the feelings attached. Oh…this is fabulous. Great collaboration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you for sharing our collaboration. I read your post on touch, it was beautifully written. I enjoyed all the ways you explored the nature of touch in our lives.


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