A New Man (with audio)

We’ve been together for so long
I hope you understand
I think it might be time
For me to find a new man.

I want some fresh romance
Someone who will bring me flowers
A man who’s company
I’ll enjoy for endless hours.

I need a man with wit
One who will make me laugh
Or leave me alone to enjoy
A solitary bath.

Give me a man with charisma
And that special kind of charm
Let’s not forget to mention
Toned muscles in his arms.

After I cook us dinner
He’ll do the dishes every night
And be quick to say he’s sorry
When we get into a fight.

He’ll know just what to say
When I’m feeling blue
And exactly how to tease
When I’m in a quirky mood.

I need a man who’ll make
Me scream out his name
Rekindling my passion
Turning embers into flame.

The new man that I wanted,
Turns out he was you
So tell me now my Lover,
What do you think we should do?

26 thoughts on “A New Man (with audio)

  1. OMG Secrets!! This is such a Masterpiece!!! This is overflowing with – Everything! Mmmm! Your words painted the perfect picture of wanting and desiring More.
    Especially love your lines –

    “I need a man who’ll make
    Me scream out his name
    Rekindling my passion
    Turning embers into flame”

    So exquisitely sensuous and full of delight – a signature work from a – Poetess Extraordinaire!!! And you topping it off with an audio recording of you reciting it takes this off the chart!!!

    After listening to your last line I felt a silent wish and envisioned a massive balloon drop with confetti!!! Such an expert crafting of “Amazing” with the power of your magical words!! Let not another whisper ever pass your lips or enter your head to contradict these words – You are a Poetess Extraordinaire!!!! And if they start to form or come your way just softly say, Shhhh! And make them go away!
    Bellissimo, Sweet Secrets, Bellissimo!

    Do you believe me now??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Chuck 🤣🤣🤣 I knew you would like the addition of audio 😆 Thanks for being so encouraging… That internal doubt/criticism, well it’s something I think I will always have, but hopefully I can continue to use it to push me to learn more and grow 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

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