Summer is

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Summer is coming,
the heat is rising
sweat glistens on my skin
as a storm-bird sings prophecies

Relief is coming,
feet dipping lazily into a shining pool
carols carry on the warm breeze

Dinnertime is coming,
it’s getting too hot to eat
I choose a cool drink and seasonal treats

Harvest is coming,
mango and sweet cherries delight my tongue
bursts of memory accompany the sweet juices

Evening is coming,
daylight lingers
in the west, thunder beats its drum

A storm is coming,
lightening forks across the sky
I lick off the mango juice dripping down my hand
and head inside–
summer is here.

The first day of summer is here, but I have felt its arrival for some time. I hope you enjoy this little piece welcoming in December. Summer in my country is full of stifling humidity, intense heat and violent storms. We endure blistering hot Christmases by swimming in a pool or ocean and eating watermelon.

*The Pacific/Eastern Koel is commonly known as the storm-bird, because its call is usually heard before storms.

18 thoughts on “Summer is

  1. love this though I do not much like summer: a few hot days a week is fine but heatwaves … horrid. What I really wanted to do was leave a comment on ‘Lost in Pleasure’ something like: terrific, these moments of intimacy are bliss πŸ™‚

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