33 thoughts on “Soft chains

    1. Hey Uzzawal, as always poetry is open to interpretation, which is what I love. Everyone connects to words differently, drawing on their own experiences and current outlook on life. I hesitate to share my own view of this one, because I like to leave it open, but I will today. This one was written as a cautionary tale. A while ago I wrote something about ‘bad boys’, this is essentially about ‘bad girls’.

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      1. Yeah, you are right, most of art is open to interpretation indeed. Ohh, yeah its cool that you are sharing your perspective on this one. Yeah I can understand that from the shows I have watched. For sure that caution is important.

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  1. Wow. This is really intense. This reminds me of a quote I recently heard: β€œA cage of gentle hands is still a cage” – Brenna Twohy. A bit of a different message than yours in my mind, but it’s amazing what we can overlook in relationships with ourselves and others. Great work!

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  2. Beautiful and intriguing poem, Secrets. open to interpretation indeed and the message clearly changes depending on the perspective you take. regardless, real love is not meant to enslave the receiver, no matter how soft the chain. I’d love to read the “bad boy perspective” one, i am sure that one is very relevant too.

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      1. thanks so much jst read it and posted a little comment there too.
        you have beautiful, insightful and heartfelt poetry in this page.
        they reflect the uncertainty and fragility of emotions so well, specially when threatened by lack of context, facts that are seen, facts that do not want to be seen.
        the sadness of equivocal games and misunderstandings.
        big packed loaded topic this love one.
        jst call me VB πŸ˜‰

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      2. your words are beautiful and inspiring. inherently sad and hopeful and incongruous and loving at the same time. they do always sound like a soft and caressing whisper, nevertheless. keep writing. and recording.


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