The Interlude

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Living in the interlude,
I struggled to find peace,
distracted by what had been,
and desperate for what was to come.

I waited for life to begin again–
delayed in the interlude.

Time stood still.
An uninvited pause between movements,
with nothing remarkable
to show for myself.

Ticks of the metronome,
I felt dull,
and alone.

During this vacant stretch
before my next movement,
I wondered if I still had value
despite making no progress.

I waited for purpose–
silenced in the interlude.

I heard my heart beating,
that gentle drumming of rhythm
enough to keep time to.

My breath,
leaning on the keys of my soul,
created waves of deep resonance.

My fingers,
strummed on the frets
as my mind wrote in minor.

My voice,
humming soulful notes of hopeful dreams,
filled the space in between.

Holding onto patience,
I waited to play the cadence.

In those motionless moments of life,
I observed my hidden potential,
I opened up my eyes to see things
my current reality didn’t.

I waited and finally saw the possibilities–
while remaining in the interlude.

In the everyday monotony,
in the sighs between events,
in the strength I no longer had left,
my life still created music.

It was the beautiful sound
of my interlude.

Cadence: A musical term meaning the ending or resolution

30 thoughts on “The Interlude

  1. Such a beautiful and soulful piece. I love the journey you have created for your readers. 💗 My favorite line is:
    “I waited for purpose–
    silenced in the interlude.”
    So much meaning in every stanza! Excellent work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Katy 💜 It was a significant piece for me to write personally, but I feel we all have those moments in life where we feel stuck and don’t know our place. Thanks for your encouragement and connection 💜💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

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