Two poets falling

I watched them fall in love—
it was beautiful
in sweetness and passion.

A delight in discovery,
Souls united in sight and loneliness.
Lost and found within each other.

Words dug themselves out of the deep,
landing into opened hands.
Treasures to behold,
the treasure of each other to hold.

From morning thoughts of each other
to late night yawns from talking too late.
Every movement
echoed verses of tenderness
between them.

I wished them well— 
a wild romance full of wonder
and award winning words.

I have been watching two people fall in love and I have to say it is simply sweetness itself 😊💜🤫 And no, it’s not me 🤣

37 thoughts on “Two poets falling

      1. Uzzawal, that is so kind of you to say! I’m so glad you find it peaceful to read. And yes, I also love reading Ben’s work. I have some talented friends in you both!

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