Rubied Stars

Photo by Andre Moura on

Like stargazing—
the anticipation of discovery,
my bare skin lays before you.
Prepare your eyes to capture sights
others won’t see in the light of day.

My rubied freckles,
your personal constellations,
are often hidden from view.
But tonight,
I want you to find them.

Using the cosmic dust
sprinkled on my body,
navigate your way to a world
only we know.
Like a comet—
blaze across me,
leaving trails of fire and memories.
My delicate supernovas
await in your path for a kiss.

I wish on my trembling stars
for your fingers to circle and connect them
together with tongue-drawn lines.

Make sure to not leave one behind—
let them lead you around my curves.
I don’t want you to go astray.
I believe that they were put there 
to help you find your way.

25 thoughts on “Rubied Stars

  1. This is so cool. Really adore this. This is awesome: “Prepare your eyes to capture sights
    others won’t see in the light of day.” This, too: “tongue-drawn lines” and then just all of it. Fantastic poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

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