55 thoughts on “Defenceless (Haiku)

      1. Haha, you asked for it 😅
        I have been reading recently about the traditional structure of Haiku being different – starting with 2 syllables etc. Sometimes I feel like I am breaking the rules. This is where I struggle with form over flow. I know I technically shouldn’t have any punctuation and there really should be a lot of symbolism etc and nature references. Oh and the unexpected twist…. Haha see what I mean. I think as far as pure Haiku goes, I’m doing it wrong. But then I think… Who cares, use the current widely accepted format?
        What do you think?

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      2. Yes there are traditions and these come with parameters but poetry should be free for the individual to interpret and flow from as they see fit

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      3. Haha! Sounds like a lethal combination! Thanks again. Sleep well for when you do (I think it’s too early for you yet). Keep writing your death poetry 💜


      4. I feel slightly fraudulent calling them Haiku though 😏 But I guess as you say it is my interpretation and I do try to keep as close to form as possible.


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