Another (Haiku series)

She sang songs for you 

I saw them in brilliant blue

And you saw them too

I heard her sweet words

And I think she likes you true;

My sad heart fell through

My mind wonders now

If all this time it was her

You actually saw

Misled heart of mine,

Seeing things that never were

But now I have learnt

Jealousies will come

And I wonder if it’s time

For me to take flight

I will leave you now

And let you to discover

All the love she has

I wait in silence

For my own true love to come

And draw me to him

These series of Haikus weren’t written to flow on from each other. Instead, each reflects a stage of emotions/revelations the protagonist goes through. I hope you enjoy.

20 thoughts on “Another (Haiku series)

  1. Simple line but brilliant: “She sang songs for you; I saw them in brilliant blue”. That’s a great opening stanza. You definitely created a good “flow” here, which is even more impressive with the form. Enjoyed reading this. I’ll have another read through to let it all sink in.

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