Devastating Dreams

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Baby please just lie to me
Tell me all the sweet things I want to hear
Convince me that we’d be wonderful together
And our love would never flame out

Falsify a life for us
Paint me the prettiest world with silver linings
Erase all the painful parts of our souls
Dress it up in roses and flickering tea lights

Create a fantasy
A place where nothing is difficult
Where we never disagree or annoy each other
Only lingering kisses every time we part

Fabricate it all for me
And I will listen for a while
Break my heart in two and then awaken
Because Baby, our dreams are only real when we’re sleeping

17 thoughts on “Devastating Dreams

      1. Hmmm, Well, let’s see. Because your poem is awesome and deserves praise as does it’s author! Because I love for my followers to read great writing and get to know other talented writers! Because I’m hoping praise and appreciation will inspire and motivate you to write MORE of the same! I look at it like appreciating You and your words, but if it is spoiling then so be it – it is deserved!!! I was raised to believe that it is only good manners to express appreciation and thanks when someone provides you with a gift – which your words are to WP and me! Long winded way of saying – You deserve it!!! LOL!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My word, I am blown away by your encouraging words. Seriously, I hardly know what to write. Only thank you for your support and the support you give so many other writers. It is a beautiful gift.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, Let’s see maybe I just like imagining the smile on your face when you see how your words reached out to me and maybe made your day a bit brighter? I am a gleaner as well as just a reader. I like to always be on the lookout for words/phrases/ lines that jump out and grab me. When I find them I put them as seeds of inspiration into my Word Bank for inspiration for a yet to be written poem. So, it’s Thank you for such a great read but also for seeds of inspiration that you leave behind for me to find and let germinate into a poem that blossoms.


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