Catnip for Girls

Image from Pexels Library

You’re like catnip to me Baby.
The curve of your words,
the shape of your face,
the smell of your skin.

Your smile teases and pleases.
You draw me in every single time
and this time won’t be the last…
It never is.

I get a buzz when we’re together. 
I’m unable to think straight,
logic runs out the gate.
The answer is ‘Yes’ to your every question.
Damn you,
driving me wild with desire.

I hate this reaction within me
and yet
I also love it, can’t get enough.
I try to stay away, but god it’s tough.
It fills me up and gets has me high,
pleasure electrifying the synapses in my mind.

I want another hit,
another sniff,
another lick,
roll around in it.

Baby you’re making me crazy,
like Justin Timberlake or Patrick Swayze.
Tear my hair,
make me stare.
I want more,
I want it,
I want you.
Touch my fur, make me purr.

Boy, you’re pure catnip to me.

Ok… to any of the Tomcats out there, calm down. If you know me at all you’ll remember that I am not a cat, but rather a fox. Therefore, you can assume that this is a piece of expressive fiction and not about you; I’m experimenting with style. πŸ¦ŠπŸ’œ

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